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In times of financial crisis, obtaining early independent advice is crucial.

The Find a Practitioner option on the R3 website enables individuals or firms to quickly obtain full details of an expert near you.  R3 members are qualified, regulated and professional - enabling you to obtain accurate and timely information that can be crucial when dealing with a financial crisis.  

R3 members can provide help and advice within insolvency, business restructuring or business turnaround.    

Guides are available on this site for individuals and firms who require further information and advice relating to debt and financial matters. Please note, these guides are intended as 'general guides only' and should not be a substitute for obtaining professional advice from a qualified and regulated expert.  

Getting the right advice

R3 has comprehensive guides for both individuals and businesses about the risks and dangers of seeking advice from unregulated or unlicensed advisors. These invaluable resources help you to understand the facts for those facing a financial crisis.

Support for individuals

R3 members can help you understand your options.

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Support for businesses

R3 members have helped thousands of firms facing financial difficulties and requiring business advice

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How to make a complaint about an Insolvency Practitioner

Although R3 represents Insolvency Practitioners (IPs) and professionals within the insolvency business recovery and turnaround profession in the UK, it is not a regulatory body. As a result, we are unable to investigate complaints about our members.

However, R3 does provide information on how to complain about an Insolvency Practitioner.

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