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North East

R3 courses are now available in the North East. It is hoped that these will be strongly attended, ensuring further courses will be offered in the region, avoiding the need to travel.

Anyone needing further information on regional activities (whether as a current member or not) should contact me - the local centre chairman, or a commitee member.

Andrew Haslam
North East Local Centre Chairman

Upcoming events

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Local Centre contacts

Andrew Halsam
Local Centre Chairman FRP Advisory LLP, Bulman House, Regent Centre, Gosforth Newcastle Upon Tyne NE3 3LS
T: 0191 605 3737
F: 0191 605 3738
Kelly Jordan
Local Centre Rep Muckle LLP 32 Gallowgate Newcastle-upon-Tyne NE12 8EG
T: 0191 211 7899
F: 0191 211 7788