Creditor Insolvency Guide

R3's website to help guide creditors through the insolvency process

About the website
The website is a step-by-step guide to the insolvency process for unsecured creditors, particularly small businesses who are unfamiliar with the insolvency process (in England and Wales). It sets out in ‘plain English’ how creditors can engage in the insolvency process. It includes:
  • How different insolvency procedures work.
  • Simple explanations of insolvency terminology.
  • Useful tips on how to help oversee the running of the insolvency case.
  • A downloadable checklist for creditors.
The website will cater for procedural differences in Scotland and Northern Ireland in due course, but in the meantime it will be applicable to Scottish and Northern Irish creditors involved with England and Wales’ insolvency procedures.
Creditor engagement is at the core of a strong, fair and trusted insolvency regime. This website is an important contribution to achieving that goal and a crucial part of our effort to encourage creditors to engage more in the insolvency process.
Creditor and parliamentary support
Built by R3’s members, the website is supported by creditor representative groups including the Chartered Institute of Credit Management and British Property Federation.
We are also delighted to have the support of the government and the Opposition. At the launch event in March 2015, Toby Perkins MP (Shadow Minister for Small Businesses, responsible for insolvency) said he was very supportive of the site, describing it as ‘user-friendly’ and ‘incredibly important’. Jo Swinson, former Employment Relations and Consumer Affairs Minister, said:
“Helping creditors to become more engaged in insolvencies is likely to lead to better outcomes for creditors as a whole.  Their involvement will help ensure cases are administered in an efficient way, ensure that fees charged by insolvency practitioners are a fair reward for the work done, and provide valuable information about assets and the conduct of directors and debtors. This guide provides very valuable information, in plain English, for the many people and businesses who are unfamiliar with insolvency processes.”
Help promote the website
R3 would like to encourage its members to promote this website to creditors. You can do this in the following ways:
  • Sign-post this website to creditors in your cases.
  • Promote the website via Twitter using the hashtag #engagingcreditors and @R3PressOffice.
  • Put a link to the guide on your company/organisation’s website. Please contact R3’s Communications Officer, if you would like a button to upload to your website and further guidelines for usage.  

If you have any further questions about the creditor insolvency guide or would like more information about how you can help promote it to creditors, please contact R3’s Head of Public Affairs, Georgina Waite on or 0207 566 4214.


R3’s public affairs team can be contacted using the details below:

James Jeffreys
Public Affairs Manager
T: 020 7566 4220
M: 07917 336 096
Mira Lodhia
Policy Executive
T: 020 7566 4202