Mike Pink

Mike joined KPMG Restructuring in 1988, and became an Associate Partner in 2008. He has over 25 years experience advising lenders and other stakeholders on restructurings, work-outs and insolvencies. In the mid-90’s Mike was seconded to HSBC’s Loan Management Unit, where he was relationship manager on a number of the bank’s larger accounts undergoing work-out and restructuring.
Mike has worked in a wide variety of industry sectors, and with businesses operating in jurisdictions across the globe.  For many years he has focused on large, complex cross-border cases, including foreign insolvency proceedings.
As an insolvency practitioner Mike has advised on several M&A transactions involving distressed or insolvency companies, and is able to take appointments as an administrator, receiver or liquidator if appropriate to achieve strategic objectives.
Mike is joint special administrator of Dunfermline Building Society, the first financial institution in the UK to be subject to a Resolution by the Bank of England under the Banking Act 2009, and is overseeing the wind down of its secured real estate loan portfolio.  He is also a joint special administrator of MF Global, the first use of The Special Administration Regime for Investment  Banks. 
Other formal insolvency  engagements include:  MPF Corp (Bermuda) (a $1bn oil-drilling ship construction project); the Victoria Mortgage Funding Group; Atlantic Electric & Gas; Boo.com; Independent Energy; Courts Plc (negotiating the sale of its overseas subsidiaries in Indian Ocean; Asia and Pacific regions); and ScS Upholstery plc.
Mike’s advisory assignments have ranged from business reviews on behalf of creditors, to contingency and exit planning exercises for  HMT, the Bank of England, corporate boards and secured lenders, including major UK and European banks.  He has recently completed a review of a £1.3 bn commercial real estate loan portfolio for a UK bank. 
Mike is Chairman of R3’s General Technical Committee, a Council member and a member of Policy Group.