A list of publications suitable for insolvency professionals is available below

Liquidation /Creditors’ Committees and Commissioners; A Guide for Creditors

R3 in conjunction with the RPBs, have produced this guide to assist IPs in fulfilling the requirements imposed by SIP 15. Read more

PR and Marketing Tips for Smaller Firms

The R3 Smaller Practices Group's top tips for promoting smaller firms using online and offline marketing techniques. Read more

Bibliography of insolvency

R3's recommended reading on insolvency related issues. Read more

Creditors Guides

R3 has produced a set of guides suitable for distribution to unsecured creditors which explain the rights of creditors during an insolvency process. Read more

Is a Voluntary Arrangement right for me?

This leaflet has been produced by R3 to make debtors aware of the things they need to know and to think about before committing themselves to an arrangement. Read more

Making a Career as an Insolvency Practitioner

This guide has been produced for those wishing to understand how to become an Insolvency Practitioner and how to set up your practice. Read more

Setting Yourself Up in Practice

This guide has been produced for those who are intending to practise as licensed insolvency practitioners taking insolvency appointments. Read more

Statements of Insolvency Practice

Statements of Insolvency Practice (SIPs) set out certain standards of practice to which insolvency practitioners are required to adhere. Compliance with SIPs is monitored and where necessary enforced by the regulatory bodies. Read more

The Value of the Insolvency Industry

Membership survey and study. Read more


Guides to fees. Read more

Insolvency Practitioner Code of Ethics

 Aims to assist all insolvency professionals meet their obligations by providing professional and ethical guidance. Read more

HMRC assignment of VAT

There will be occasions when an office holder will be required to vacate office prior to the receipt of the final VAT refund. Read more

Professional Publications

IVA Leaflet
PR and Marketing Tips for Smaller Firms