Support for MPs

Personal debt and corporate failure are hugely important issues in the UK. Many constituents seek out their local MP for guidance and support when facing financial difficulties. The insolvency trade body R3 is committed to sharing our knowledge to ensure MPs and their staff have the information they need to help individuals in financial distress and are briefed on insolvency related policy issues .

R3’s programme of information and support for MPs

R3 members work at the ‘coalface’ of the economy, dealing with distressed individuals and businesses on a daily basis. Insolvency Practitioners are experts in preventing insolvency as well as administering formal insolvency procedures. We would like to use this knowledge and expertise to support MPs and their staff.

We work with MPs and their staff to:

  • Hold Insolvency practitioner led caseworker ‘teach ins’ – informal workshops designed to equip MPs’ staff with the relevant knowledge, contacts and information to handle constituents who come to their surgeries in financial distress.
  • Organise combined MP and Insolvency Practitioner visits to local schools to talk to students about how to manage money and avoid debt.
  • Host specialised business and personal finance support surgeries in which Insolvency Practitioners are on hand to answer questions and offer advice to constituents struggling with their finances.
  • Provide personal insolvency profiles of each constituency comparing insolvency levels in the constituency over the last decade with the average across all constituencies.
  • Provide information booklets outlining key personal and corporate insolvency terms and top tips for dealing with debts.

We are happy to meet with MPs and their staff in Parliament or the constituency to discuss insolvency related issues and specific policy areas. To take up any aspect of our programme of support and information, please contact Georgina Waite on

R3 recently worked with MPs Justin Tomlinson and Robert Buckland to hold a ‘Debt Awareness Day’ in Swindon.

Justin Tomlinson MP said:

“We as MPs and all our staff had training on how to best deal with local residents who are affected by financial difficulties. We now fee far better equipped and we have practical steps put in place so residents can access help far faster. In our own small way we feel we will be able to play a far more practical part in addressing the issue.”

Are individuals in your constituency...

experiencing financial difficulties?

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Personal Insolvency Map

MPs Guide to debt and insolvency

As part of our commitment to working with Parliamentarians, we have produced the following guides for MPs and Scottish MPs to facilitate their support to their constituents through debt and insolvency.

MPs Guide
MPs Guide


MPs Guide - Scotland
MPs Guide - Scotland